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Dairy Services

White Oak’s Dairy Specialists

  • Are professionally qualified and experienced
  • Work with you to create a custom feeding strategy that meets your specific goals
  • Customize dairy formulas using the feedstuffs you already have on-farm
  • Provide nutritional solutions that maximize profits while keeping your cows healthy
  • Utilize advanced ration-balancing and amino-acid balancing software
  • Incorporate the latest feeding strategies and research-based ruminant nutrition into your cows’ diets

White Oak Mills Dairy Products

Utilizing its state-of-the-art, automated facility, White Oak Mills manufactures its extensive products with high-quality ingredients, offers you many ingredient options from the industry’s top suppliers, and provides you with consistent feed formulations to best meet your dairy herd’s specific nutritional requirements and production goals.

White Oak dairy feeds are:

  • Customized precisely to meet your specific goals and needs as:White Oak Mills-Fed Heifers
    • complete feeds
    • concentrates
    • mineral mixes
    • speciality products
  • Manufactured from more than 200 high-quality ingredients and additives from the industry’s top suppliers
  • Manufactured in 1-ton to 28-ton quantities
  • Manufactured as:
    • meal feeds
    • pelleted feeds
    • textured feeds (pelleted feed blended to a meal feed)
  • Available in:
    • bulk
    • 50-pound bags
    • soft totes
    • hard totes
  • Available for delivery within 24 hours of your order
  • Manufactured and delivered 24 hours a day Monday through Saturday via White Oak trucks that are well-maintained and equipped with either augers and blowers


Excellent Payment Terms & Discounts

White Oak Mills offers dairy producers who work with White Oak Dairy Specialists bulk, early-order, and cash discounts in addition to already competitively-priced feeds.

  • Bulk tonnage discounts

White Oak dairy customers receive a quantity discount on bulk feed. Consult with your White Oak Dairy Specialist for more details.

  • Early-order discounts

White Oak dairy customers save $1 / ton if you order your feed by 10 AM and at least 24 hours before expected delivery

  • Cash discounts
  • Competitively priced so you can focus on your bottom line


White Oak Value-Added Services

  • Full line of high-quality bulk and bagged dairy feeds as well as fully customized dairy feeding programs
  • Regular Lancaster County and Berks County PA bag routes
  • Adams, Dauphin, Lebanon, and York County, PA bag routes every 3 weeks
  • A full-service White Oak Mills feed distributor — Martin’s Ag, located at 1588 Pinola Road, Shippensburg, PA (717.532.7845) — with bag runs and tote program throughout Cumberland and Franklin counties, PA
  • Grain exchange and feed bin programs
  • Grain contracting / risk management programs

    White Oak corn bin

    White Oak Mills erected a 100,000 corn bin in September 2011 for the Company’s dairy grain exchange program.

  • Shared-cost forage analysis testing
  • Prepay programs
  • Formulation according to your needs and priorities
  • White Oak Mills … working for you


The White Oak Advantage

White Oak Mills offers dairy producers accurate, consistent dairy feeds formulated to best meet your dairy’s specific nutritional requirements and goals.

White Oak Mills has both truck and rail receiving capabilities so that you benefit from local, farmer-grown corn and soybeans as well as ingredients transported via rail car to ensure high-quality, competitively priced feeds.


You can count on White Oak Mills’ commitment to high-quality, consistency and service. White Oak Mills … high-quality feed products and services working for you.