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Deer/Elk, Companion & Specialty Feeds


Deer & Elk ProductsDeer

White Oak Mills manufactures custom deer feeds for individuals seeking specific nutrition for proper nutrition, antler growth, and more. The Company also offers a standard deer / elk feed that can be picked up at our Elizabethtown store in 50-pound bags or delivered via a White Oak Mills truck, as follows:


16% Deer / Elk Pellets – #474

Available in 50-pound bags and bulk, this 16% Deer/Elk Pellet is formulated for proper nutrition. Keep clean, fresh water available at all times.


Whitetail Deer Block – 25 pounds

A supplement for growing and breeding deer, the Whitetail Deer Block should be self-fed year-round for growing and breeding deer in their natural habitat. Scientifically balanced to supplement deer’s natural vegetation, this block provides protein, minerals, vitamins and energy necessary for optimal growth, antler and bone development, and reproduction.



Companion Animal Feeds

18% Rabbit Pellet – #470

White Oak’s 18% Rabbit Pellet is available in 10-pound, 25-pound,  and 50-pound bags. Alfalfa meal is added for protein and to provide a high-fiber diet. Keep clean, fresh water available at all times.



Guinea Pig Pellet – #472

White Oak’s Guinea Pig Pellet is formulated for 17.8% crude protein and is available in 10-pound and 25-pound bags.



Bird Food & Seed Products

White Oak Mills carries Wild Bird Food in 25-pound and 50-pound bags as well as striped and black oiled sunflower seeds, thistle seeds and more for furry friends visiting your backyard.


DAD'S Products Company Inc.Dad’s® Dog & Cat Food

Available in 25- and 50-pound bags, several Dad’s® Dog & Cat Food varieties are available at White Oak’s Elizabethtown retail store.

Dad’s® is a registered trademark of Dad’s Pet Care, Inc.



Specialty Animal Feeds

White Oak Mills manufactures custom feeds for additional specialty or companion animals. Contact us for your specific feed needs, and we’d be happy to provide you with a custom formula to meet your specifications.




You can count on White Oak Mills’ commitment to high-quality, consistency and service. White Oak Mills … high-quality feed products and services working for you.